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Do You Want Help Repairing Your Autoclave?

This Site Is Designed To Help You Troubleshoot The Problem(s) You Are Experiencing With Your Autoclave And Then Help You Find The Right Parts You Need To Fix it

I depend on AllClaveParts.com


"I had surgical residency and practice in the US for several years, then moved to Japan 18 years ago.  I brought my old Midmark M9 and M11 from the US, and did good maintenance myself.  Many parts have been changed but both machines work well still.  It is very valuable to have someone like AllClaveParts because replacement parts are difficult to obtain abroad. Thank you so much, Wally."


Dr Maldonato was able to repair his Midmark M11 PC Board With Our Help

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"Most Would Have Said That I needed A New Control Board"

Dr Frank Maldonado, Wayne, NJ

Excellent in Every way


"Expert Advice & Top Quality Parts, Simply The Best "

John Vogl DDS, Manchester, MO

It is our pleasure to share with you everything we know about autoclave repair, and we know a lot!

And you have access to everything we have to offer right now. Nothing to join, no membership dues. Just good, solid technical support you can't get anywhere else!

What is the Secret Weapon Veterinarians, Dentists, Doctors, Universities, Hospitals, Tattoo Shops, and Even Repair Shops Use When They Want to Save Thousands By Fixing Their Own Autoclaves?

It is not just the free troubleshooting guides, or free factory service manuals, or free customer support, or the 100% quality guaranteed and ISO9000 compliant repair parts, as helpful as each of these tools may be on their own

It is all of these things and so much more, all brought together on one website and presented in a clear, easy-to-use way that makes repairing your autoclave as simple as 1, 2, 3

No matter who you are, AllClaveParts.com can empower you to repair your autoclave on your own & in your own office

It doesn't matter how mechanically hopeless you might be, we can teach you how to repair your autoclave

"If You Can Show a Mechanically Hopeless Person Like Me How to Repair My Autoclave and Save Big Money, You Can Teach Anyone!"

If you can use a wrench, and turn a screwdriver, then you alreay have what it takes to complete the repair

Ready to save thousands of dollars and weeks of downtime on your autoclave repair?

When we say we make autoclave repair as easy as 1, 2, 3, we really mean it

  1. Identify the problem with our free resources and customer support when you need it. We'll show you how you can quickly and easily identify the precise problem with your autoclave.
    Why wait for a costly repair service to arrive at your location and spend a month or longer working on your equipment, when we can help you pinpoint the problem today?
  2. You can save thousands on repair costs and eliminate weeks of downtime by doing your own repairs....starting today! Click Here To Go To Our Troubleshooting Section to Get Started
  3. Remove the defective parts, we'll show you how! Most repairs require tools that you probably already have in your toolbox, like a regular screwdriver or wrench. In those rare occasions that a special tool is needed to get the job done, we make them available to you at a low cost.
  4. And with our FREE guides and one-on-one customer support, you'll know exactly how to remove the defective parts quickly and easily. Replace the defective parts with our 100% guaranteed replacement parts - You're almost there! All you need to do now is replace the old, damaged parts on your autoclave with brand new repair parts.
  5. At AllClaveParts.com, every part we offer is 100% quality guaranteed, ISO9000 Compliant, and competitively priced, so you will always get the best value on the best parts on the market today
  6. Browse our website to find your repair solution, or Click Here to contact us today for FREE one-on-one technical support
AllClaveParts is the only place we go now!

"Our Statim 2000 Is Running Like New Again...You Literally Saved Us $1000

Daniel O'Hare San Francisco, CA

The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Own Autoclave Repairs In-House

  1. To Save money
  2. To make sure the repair is done right
  3. To cut down time to a minimum
  4. To make sure you are not being taken advantage of
  5. The opportunity to do something different and get away from the normal repetition of their practice (doing something different is good for you, it can relieve a lot of stress and clear your mind)

To Save Money

Save Big Money When You Repair Your Autoclave In-house

Saving Money is the Number 1 reason for people like you to investigate repairing their own autoclave. The trend in autoclave repair from the manufacturers is to create an estimate that exceeds 50% of the autoclave replacement cost, regardless of what is wrong with it. Keep in mind, their business is to sell new autoclaves, not repair them
Repair it Yourself, To Make Sure The Repair Is Done And Done Right...and You Are Not Being Taken Advantage Of!
When you do the work yourself, you know exactly what was done and what parts were replaced...there is no mystery

To Keep Downtime To A Minimum

Can You Afford To Wait For Your Autoclave To Be Repaired & Sent Back To You

Most repairs can be done in just a couple of hours or less if you have the right parts (and if you get them from us) and the right support (also from us)

Make Sure The Repair Is Done Right

Real Autoclave Repair Help

"If You Want Something Done Right, You Have To Do It Yourself"

Frank Cornella DDS MD, Springfield, MO

When you repair your autoclave yourself, you will know it is done right. No One will ever care as much as you do about the end result

Restoring P&C OCR

Despite my concern that AllclaveParts components were 3rd-party not OEM, I ordered up parts to fix leaking valves and replace a drain tube and chamber filters. I need not have been worried, all the parts were equal or better quality than original Pelton & Crane components. These parts are pricey, but the quality is there -- I am just glad there is a good aftermarket supplier like AllclaveParts for these high quality autoclaves.


Dec 07, 2018

Verified Customer
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